Welcome to the antique ship in a bottle website, we specialise in genuine antique sailor made ship's in bottles. We have been selling Maritime antiques and Nautical collectables for over 25 years, however we feel that the sailors folk art of making tiny ship models and putting them into bottles deserves special attention. Every ship in a bottle is totally unique and it is one of the most skilled forms of sailor's craft.

(above) A very detailed model of a ship in a bottle with a very intricate diorama background

Making a ship in bottle takes a huge amount of skill, time, patience and attention to detail.
The most common type of ship model to be found in a bottle is the Square rigged sailing ship  or "Tall ship", this is because the deep water sailors who worked on this type of ship often had long periods of time off-watch. In order to pass the time and prevent boredom sailors perfected the art of making tiny model sailing ships and putting them into bottles. Not only was there a lot of skill needed to construct the model and put it inside the bottle, but the sailor also needed knowledge of ships and rigging in order to create an accurate model. Ships in bottles were usually made as a gift for loved ones back home or made to sell whilst in port to increase income.

We created the antique ship in a bottle website to celebrate this amazing and curious form of sailors folk art. The website is categorised into the various different types of ship that is contained within the bottle. Sailing ships can have many different types of sail patterns or layout, often referred to as the type of "Rig" or how the vessel is rigged. 
For more info please see types of ship in a bottle.

Barque (or “Bark”)
has a minimum of three masts, but only has fore and aft rigged sails on the after most ( mizzen ) mast. All other masts have square-rigged sails. These are referred to as "three masted barque" or a "four masted barque"
The most common type of large deep water sailing vessels were rigged as Barques.
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Fully Rigged Ship (or “Ship”) has a minimum of three masts and has square-rigged sails on all masts. These are referred to as a "three masted ship" or a "four masted ship" 
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Steamships in bottles are quite rare and come in many different forms, from Cruise liners to Battleships or Cargo vessels.
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Steam assisted sailing vessels in bottles are very rare and depict the crossover period from sail to steam powered vessels.
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