Our collection of ships in bottles is categorised into the type of sailing ship or vessel that is contained within the bottle. There are various different types of sailing ship rigs. (eg: Fully rigged ship or barque ) Below is a description and image of the common type of sailing ship rigs or sail configurations.
Fully Rigged Ship (or “Ship”)
has a minimum of three masts, all square-rigged. Each mast has three parts, the lower mast, top mast and top gallant mast (with at least three yards on which to hang sails.) Staysails could also be set between the masts.  Above the royals (uppermost sails) might be set sails with such names as Skysail, Moonraker, Nearer my god to thee, or Angel Whispers.


Barque (or “Bark”)
has a minimum of three masts, two of which are square-rigged, except the aft mast (mizzen) which is fore and aft rigged. The difference between a Ship and a Barque is that the Barque had fore and aft sails on the mizzen mast. The Barque was a popular rig, and more Barques were built than all other square rigs combined. Some “Ships” in later life were converted to Barques as they were easier to operate and needed less manpower.

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